I’m Terri, a seasoned administrative assistant with a passion for organisation, efficiency, and getting s#!t done! My background spans over 15 years in web development and social media management, where I’ve honed my skills in providing top-notch services to clients, both local and global.

What do I bring to the table?

Web Development Wizardry: Proficient in building and maintaining websites, I thrive on turning your digital dreams into reality.

Administrative Expertise: With over 12 years in legal and health advocacy, I bring a wealth of experience in administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations.

Creative Touch: As a graphic design enthusiast, I’m ready to add a splash of creativity to your projects, bringing your visions to life.

How I can help you

Whether it’s tackling general administration tasks, transcribing crucial content, or taking the reins as your social media guru, I’ve got you covered. Let’s tailor a solution that fits seamlessly into your business strategy.